Research Interests

As an architecture enthusiast, I am committed to exploring the most cutting-edge and innovative ways to create sustainable, resilient and technologically advanced spaces. My research interests are centered around the following areas:

Smart Future Cities: I am fascinated by the concept of intelligent cities that are powered by advanced technologies and sustainable solutions. My research in this area focuses on exploring the latest developments in urban planning, smart grid systems, transportation, and environmental design to create more efficient and livable urban spaces.

Sustainability: I strongly believe that architecture should be designed with a focus on environmental stewardship and the preservation of natural resources. My research in this area seeks to promote sustainable building practices and materials, such as recycled and low-carbon products, to help reduce the carbon footprint of buildings and create healthier living spaces.

Using AI in design: I am passionate about exploring the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in architecture and design. By utilizing machine learning algorithms and predictive modeling, architects can create more efficient and optimized designs that maximize space and energy efficiency while minimizing waste.

Green Infrastructure: My research in green infrastructure focuses on the use of natural systems such as plants, trees, and green roofs to create sustainable and resilient urban spaces. By integrating green infrastructure into buildings and urban design, we can reduce the heat island effect, improve air quality, and create more livable and enjoyable spaces.

Applied Sustainability for More Resilient spaces: I believe that sustainability should be at the forefront of design, especially when it comes to creating more resilient spaces. My research in this area focuses on exploring ways to create more resilient and sustainable spaces that can withstand the impacts of climate change and other environmental hazards.

Advanced Technological Tools in Contemporary design: I am intrigued by the role of advanced technological tools in contemporary design, such as 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality, and Building Information Modeling (BIM). My research in this area aims to explore the latest technological advances and their potential applications in architecture, as well as their impact on sustainability and energy efficiency.

Con_tech (construction technology) – the use of modern materials and sustainable approaches in the building process: I am dedicated to exploring the latest trends and developments in construction technology, including the use of modern materials, sustainable approaches, and prefabrication techniques. By promoting the use of sustainable and efficient building materials, we can create more sustainable and energy-efficient buildings.

Environmental Issues: Finally, my research interests also encompass a broad range of environmental issues, such as climate change, renewable energy, and waste reduction. By exploring these issues and developing innovative solutions, we can create a more sustainable and resilient future for all.